First and foremost you must clarify what is 'Plastic surgery' and what are their areas: is the specialty of medicine that treats the deformities of the human being, offering solution to congenital or acquired defects of reconstructive and aesthetic order in any body area without discrimination of sex or age. When correction improves primarily function is called 'Reconstructive' and if you are looking for beauty or form is called 'Aesthetic'.

Full speciality is 'Plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic', which includes areas such as: maxillofacial, Craniofacial, congenital malformations, hand surgery, breast, burn, skin cancer, microsurgery and cosmetic surgery.

Often we wonder what they have in common a child born with a cleft lip, a victim who lost his face in transit, a victim of violence or intolerance, burned, a mother with a breast reconstruction for cancer, an old man ridden with a sore or ulcer, bedsores, and a young woman to dream of improving his physical. What they have in common? a plastic surgeon!

The extent of their application and the multiplicity of bodies made that there is always, but came to formalize since World War II, especially in Europe and in the United States. In Colombia the first hospital services dating from 1947. The Colombian society of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery founded in Bogotá in May 1956 and has more than 700 active members being the flagship and main scientific entity responsible before the law and the community for the exercise of plastic surgery in the country.

Understanding the huge impact on the economy that has this activity both in native populations such as migrants and foreigners, this specialty is developed as a company without forgetting that we are a branch of medicine and our priority is the health and life.

In recent years we decided to innovate in four pillars:

  • The patient and the conditions of security that will be operated.
  • The surgeon, suitability and capacity that will lead to happy ending surgery.
  • Hospital or clinic sufficient and properly enabled.
  • The surgical plan that ensures consistency with the previous three.

They have been many contributions from many sciences to reduce the rejection of transplanted organs, complete a hand made with Robotics, new skin and whole organs from chromosomal designs, and look forward to regenerate lost organs and many dreams are our day to day.

Time will be providing improvements, immunological or laboratory, engineering and technological development as genetics and many advances more, but as not will give importance to life, human beings, health and moral behaviour enabling the species to survive and endure not have innovated anything.

Insofar as not given importance to life, the human being, health and moral behavior to enable the species survive and endure not have innovated anything.

Article published in the newspaper El Pais Cali and drafted by Dr. Gildardo Pérez, President of the Colombian society of plastic surgeons





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