Duties of patients

You as a patient, also assumes the active participation of the duties stipulated by the clinic Perfect Body to ensure their safety and a healthy coexistence.

Their duties are as follows:

  • Take care of your health and that of others
  • Providing a respectful and dignified treatment to the nursing staff and other patients.
  • Participate and take responsibility for its care and treatment process.
  • Engage with informed consent.
  • Report a clear and timely manner, concerning his State of health, physical impairment and related to their health and social circumstances.
  • Take care and make use of the resources of the clinical and social security.
  • Collaborate with the fulfillment of the rules and instructions of the clinic and the team treating.
  • Commit to take care of your personal belongings and/or the members of their families.


Rights of patients

The Perfect Body Medical Center clinic recognizes and undertakes to ensure compliance with of the following rights you have as a patient:

  • To a personalized, worthy, humane and ethical.
  • To get a safe and high quality care.
  • To the closeness of your family and friends.
  • To be informed of all matters relating to your attention taking into account their emotional state and level of learning
  • To clear and understandable communication.
  • To privacy and the handling of confidential information.
  • To express and to take into account your wishes, needs and decisions related to the process of care.