The gastric Sleeve is also called gastrectomy, gastric sleeve or gastric tube; It is an alternative for the management of morbid obesity in patients who do not want to undergo major surgery such as Bypass and bilio-pancreatic diversion.

It consists of cutting the stomach to build a tube whose capacity is similar to the one-third of soda.

The decrease in weight is excellent at present is certified and approved by the FDA in the United States. It has the great advantage that being only restrictive surgery without interposed intestine or Bypass, 95% of patients does not require nutritional supplement, i.e. not vitamins, calcium, etc.

  • Suitable for patients with a mass index from 30 to 40 Kg/m2.
  • Super obese patients (BMI > 60 Kg/m2)
  • Recommended for high-risk surgical patients.
  • This procedure is recommended for diabetics as a second choice after Gastric Bypass.

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