Augmentation mammoplasty is plastic surgery to increase the size of the breasts. Small breasts from any cause can increase volume by placing of implants in the retroglandular space retromuscular.

Advantages and benefits

  • After this plastic surgery, the breasts will be fuller and the patient will feel more in keeping with its new look.
  • Female body shape is improved.
  • Fixes the reduction of breast volume caused by the pregnancy.
  • Augmentation mammoplasty balances the difference in the size of the breast caused by breast cancer surgery.


  • Absolute rest is not mandatory, on the contrary, you should return as soon as possible to their normal activities to the extent of their abilities.
  • Avoid sunbathing during the first three months after surgery, as this may cause irreversible stains on the skin.
  • You should not smoke for three months, the cigarette does not promote healing.
    You must not drive vehicles for a period of 15 days at least.
  • Do not lift your arms above your shoulders, or lifting heavy objects. This should do is progressively in the measure of their capabilities.
  • Occasionally it will be necessary to attend sessions of massage (lymphatic drainage), according to the Medical Council and its requirement.
  • Post surgical sports bra should be used during the time that recommended it plastic surgeon.
  • Breasts remain enlarged during the first six months and the end result can be seen only after this period.

Type of plastic surgery: surgery
Immediate recovery time: 12 days
Time of recovery final: 6 months

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