It serves these recommendations if you are considering plastic surgery

1. The surgeon: you must be a physician with academic training, a minimum of 4 years of expertise and a title approved by the Ministry of health or they represent should be on the outside, and supported by the Colombian society of plastic surgery.

2. Clinic: must have all the locative and technological resources for the implementation of procedures or surgeries. You must have a license of the Secretaries of health of the municipality and the Department.

3. Anesthesiologist: all surgery must be accompanied by an anesthesiologist, who must carry out a pre surgical consultation and indicate a series of basic glasses.

4. Glasses: it's a living walls, for any reason is you can skip, as it may occur in order to reduce costs.

5. Advertising: do not be guided by misleading advertising gives you results and lower costs. Inputs have standardized on the market prices and costs. Be wary of low costs.

6. Search: check with different doctors and specialized centres, before choosing your surgeon and the institution. The specialist will generate confidence and security will be the best choice.

7. Ask: to dispel all doubts and concerns have, in relation to the surgery. So are obvious questions, not make them issue.

8. Silt results: silt operated patients, see how did you do in your surgery, postoperative, dissipate from the point of view of the patient, other questions have.

9. Preferred surgeon: inquire about it, ask who it is, if they recommend a surgeon, his being or professional experience. Remember this is an art, and finally has to be the taste of the patient what was achieved with surgery.

10. Refer to the Colombian society of plastic surgery: If you have the name of the surgeon, go to the website and check if it belongs to this medical society.

Body perfect Clinical Medical Center – phones 4217901-4217902 – Santa Marta (Colombia)

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